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"It is amazing the unique way the staff works as a whole unit. You have created a terrific environment where hard work and fun made my visits with Bodycentral a totally positive experience!" - E. Campbell

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in an evaluation?

  • A history is taken- the how, what, where, when and why
  • We have you do motions/movements for us
  • We do special tests and palpate
  • We review your tests- x-ray, MRI reports
  • We communicate with your healthcare provider and set up a Plan of Care with you on how best to tackle your problem

At BODYCENTRAL Physical Therapy, your goals help guide our treatment approach. We believe that you as a patient have a specific set of problems that need INDIVIDUAL attention. You will receive a specialized program based on your evaluation.

What types of things do you treat?

Arthritis conditions

Low Back
Disc Problems
Post Laminectomy

Impingement/Rotator Cuff
Frozen Shoulder
Shoulder Replacements

Patellar Tendonitis/ITB
Total Knee Replacements

Tennis Elbow
Golfer's Elbow
Nerve Entrapment

Arthritis Problems
Hip Replacements

Wrist and Hand
Carpal Tunnel
Thumb Tendonitis
TFCC repairs

Foot and Ankle
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles problems
Ankle Sprains
Flat Feet Problems

TMJ Problems
Locking Jaw Problems

Post Surgery
ACL Reconstruction
Fracture Fixation

Post Surgery cont
Total Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement
Shoulder Replacement
Foot and Ankle Surgery
Hand Surgery
Rotator Cuff Surgery

Other things we treat:
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Pregnancy Related Back Pain
Pelvic Pain and Incontinence

What Are Physical Therapists?

A Physical Therapist is trained at the University level and has received a Masters or Doctorate degree at graduation. They must have also passed a rigorous board exam in the state in which they practice. At Bodycentral, we hire Doctors of Physical Therapy, and/or Board Certified Clinical Specialists.

What education and qualification do Physical Therapists have?

Physical Therapists are professionally educated at the college or university level and are required to take a rigorous Board examination in the State in which they practice. At Bodycentral Physical Therapy, most of our Physical Therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy.
Physical Therapists may choose to be certified as clinical specialists through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. These therapists must have a number of hours of practice in the specialty, and must pass an additional Board examination in their chosen specialty.
Clinical Specialization requires knowledge, skill, and clinical expertise that exceed that of the physical therapist upon entry into the profession.
The Physical Therapists at Bodycentral are all Board Certified Specialists in one or more areas, or they are currently seeking Board Certification in a Specialty area.

How Can Physical Therapists Help?

If you have a specific illness or injury, Physical Therapists can help decrease pain, improve motion, improve strength and balance, and improve overall function- getting you back to the things you love to do. Physical Therapists are here to help you overcome those obstacles.
What most people don't know is that Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal experts who are also trained to improve your health- at all levels. Physical Therapists work with high level professional and Olympic athletes to improve performance and to lessen the chances of injury. They work with Dance companies to improve the health of Dancers and increase performance. Physical Therapists can be found on the sidelines of professional sporting events, backstage at the professional Ballet, and in High School and College Training Rooms across the country.
A Physical Therapist can help you with your personal fitness goals, help you prepare your body for an upcoming surgery, and even help you with a weight loss program. Physical Therapists can give you information about how to avoid some of the common chronic disease processes. They can be a wealth of information for the communities they serve.

Additional Information
All of the Physical Therapists at BODYCENTRAL Physical Therapy are members of the National and State Chapters of the American Physical Therapy Association. We practice Physical Therapy in accordance with State guidelines and adhere to the Code of Ethics set forth by the American Physical Therapy Association.